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Make Money with the Affiliate Program from is an audio platform that allows anyone to listen to new podcasts on topics like Entertainment, Sports, Religion, Business, Technology and all styles of music.  You can also create and broadcast your own Podcast across the Internet in a simple and accessible way.  Broadcast your voice, music and sounds. It’s fun, simple, and best of all FREE!

Although it might seem a little daunting to create your own podcast, rest assured.  Spreaker is simple and easy to use.  This month Spreaker has launched a new series to assist the “newbies” with any help they might need to get started.  Spreaker has gone straight to the source and asked a few Power Users to blog about the ease of using Spreaker.  The Blogs are titled Spreaker How-Tos By You.  The goal is to feature step-by-step guides and tutorials on how to be the best broadcaster you can be.  This month the series is featuring how to use Skype with Spreaker and the best gear you can use.
In additional to the news, Spreaker is continuing to interview community members as well as give Podcast recommendations.
Amadour des L'Amour Pieds Red Womens Marketing Affiliate – there is a ton to check out on  Review the site and then help spread the word about this amazing site.
Campaign Details:
  Red Pieds L'Amour Womens des Amadour Pay Rate:                  
On-AIR Talent : You earn $9.00 (Flat Fee per item category ordered)

Broadcaster:  You earn $18.00 (Flat Fee per item category ordered)
Anchorman:  You earn $36.00 (Flat Fee per item category ordered)
Station:  You earn $90.00 (Flat Fee per item category ordered)
Allowed:  Email, Display, Banner, Search, Network – No Incentive
Accepted Countries:  US
Payment Scheduling:  Net 30
Action Locking:  30 days after the end of the month
Click Referral Period:  30 Days
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